Zeiko Lewis Commits to Rams for 2014!


Boston College forward Zeiko Lewis has committed to the Rams for the 2014 season! A native of Bermuda, Lewis was named ACC Freshman of the Year and was also named to the Soccer America All-Freshman team. Lewis has also gone on to represent Bermuda in a World Cup qualifier against Trinidad and Tobago.

We caught up with Zeiko Lewis and asked him a series of questions ahead of the Rams season. Here are his answers:

1) Q: Have you ever played in the PDL before? If yes what are your thoughts on the level of play. if no what do you expect?

    A: I have played in the PDL before. The PDL does a great job of allowing people to display their talent for the next stage and allows college students to get experience playing with those outside of their team and at a different level then the stage that they are at.

2) Q: How do you see this Rams team shaping up so far?

    A: I think this Rams team is shaping up nicely. I think we are small, but I think that the way that we play suites us and we will be a good team and hard to beat.

3) Q: What is it like to work so closely with the Revolution?

    A:  The Revolution are a good team and I hopefully aspire to either play for them or against them, so it is a good way to see what life as a MLS revolution is like..

4) Q: What is your prediction for the season?

    A: I think that we will have a good season and cause a lot of upsets.

5) Q: Tell us a little bit about your college season

    A: I think that I had a good college season. It was not my best season. I tried to bring the team together by being unselfish and trying to bring out the best in the talented players around me. However, I think that this year was more of a rebuilding year and could have went a lot better. Hopefully next year is better.

6) Q: What is your personal goal for this Rams Season?

    A: To help the team to reach the knockouts and hopefully win that too. I want to get my name out there and show what I can do, within the team and doing what is required of me for the sake of the team at the same time.

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